Your dog needs to have all vaccinations up to date, without proof of vaccination, we cannot admit your dog
We accept intact male dogs and un-spayed females.  We might however not board a female in heat or if we think she will come in heat while being boarded with us. 
If owner request playtime, these dogs will have the opportunity to play with other dogs in carefully selected play groups.
Since we understand that not all dogs get along and some dogs are timid and need time to "warm up", we will work with your dog to make sure he/she is comfortable witrh their play group. Please note that all dogs are carefully selected and placed in appropriate play groups.

Because we will meet your dog's needs, many rescue dogs (dogs from Humane Societies and other shelters) do extremely well when boarded with us, and it's a pleasure to see these dogs grow in confidence and self esteem.
Based at the Cochrane Ecological Institute, Happytails has a seperate entrance and is set in a completely fenced wooded area.
The individual indoor runs are 4’ x 6’ and the individual outdoor runs are 4’ x 12’.
All indoor runs extend from ceiling to floor and outdoor runs are covered.
The interior runs have in floor heating - for the comfort of your dog.
The kennel has an air quality control system with hepa-filter.
There are eight (8) outdoor exercise areas for your dog to enjoy - with or without the companionship of other dogs.
If your dog is older and enjoys some quiet time, we will make sure he feels at home and won't be left out of human companionship!
Together with the CEI, we have volunteers on hand. Most of them come from overseas and they all have one thing in common - the love of animals!